Elmer & Princess take a bow
training bull to bow
Elmer and Princess
End of the Trail
Elmer jumping the fence
take a bow
Kids riding bull
Barb & the bull
kitty hugs
Will work for cookies
kids and calves
cattle drive
round up
Moving hay
riding bull calf
Barb & calf
David milking
digging post holes
kids playing
POA ponies
kids and critters
kids in the mountains
Cillie loves mellon
Horse Training
big step up
pack training
Dezi at the beach
ride at the beach
riding horses
Family Picture
Dad Training - 1950's
Growing Up - 1960's
Our kids - 1980's
Giddy Up
Through the fence
You can Reach
A boy and his pony
Blue eyed girls
grooming ponies
horse hugs
birthday party 2002
christmas 2006
Christmas 2009
dress up 2010
clowning around
dress up 2011
Christmas at the beach
feeding babies
Playing with the babies
running free
Bottle Babies
Baby kisses
feeding Duke
show time
Peter Cottontail
chore time
Kids & Ponies
Celebrations & Holidays
Farm Life
learning from the pro's
Training seminar
bounce therapy
I am not riding
first ride
pecking order
Cowboy Camp Meeting
Gettin Down and Dirty
Cowboy Camp
Special Music
Camping Trip
horse camp
song service
Mickey's House
Pendleton parade
Jr Livestock Show
Princess party
Walla Walla Parade
rock hounds
Cowboy Camp Meeting
Vacations & Activities
Training Time
The Next Generation  -  In the 21st Century
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