Our heritage can be described as, anything of significance which is handed down and preserved through generations, property, customs and traditions. It is more than what you
are given, it is what you learn to cherish, keep as
your own, and pass on to the next generation

Have you ever thought about the natural tendencies, or
personality traits that send some of us into the heart of a
city, and others into the wilderness. My heritage did not come
in the form of property, or privilege. My family has been involved
                  in farming and livestock as far back as I know. Horses were not a
                  luxury, they were necessary for transportation, farming and ranching.
                  My parents and grandparents loved working and playing with their
                  horses, even after the work was done.

                       As more machinery became available for farming, what
                       had been a matter of survival and necessity, became a
                       form of entertainment. My dad and uncle started training
                       their horses to do tricks.

After moving away from home, Dad could  not afford  a horse, so he
bought a bull calf, and started training him. Not quite as elegant as a
horse, Dad used him for riding, packing, and pulling a cart. He also
                                   taught him to do tricks. Have you ever seen a full grown
                                   bull lay down and play dead on command? Dad used him in
                                   parades and rodeo demonstrations for several years.  As
                                   children, the closest we got to training a cow, was teaching
                                   them to stand still while we milked by hand. We did ride a
                                   few of them around the pasture. They taught us a few
                                   things as well. Like to dismount or duck, before going
                                   through the barn door.
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