*Caution choking hazard! Some of these items your pup will outgrow in a few months, remove them before they start tearing pieces off, or being able to put too much of the toy in their mouth.

This is where I have found specific items, and the best prices on each.

Walmart, Pet Store or Farm Supply
Large Kennel, airline quality for crate training.
     I use old towels, baby blankets in the kennel, anything that is durable and easily washable
Collar & Leash (medium)
6 foot double layer stitched leash
Dog dishes, I use self dispensing feed and water containers, and free feed
“Pupperoni” (treats) cut into tiny pieces
*pressed rawhide chews work great at this age. As soon as they start tearing off chunks, remove them.
no chew spray, bitter apple
baby wipes work great for cleaning ears, wiping up messes
nail clippers, cuticle clippers or cat nail clippers work well for young pups,
puppy shampoo, tear free, mane and tail shampoo works fine. I use Crystal White.
girls wire hair brush with the plastic tips, works best for poodle hair
Poopy Bags for going for walks and traveling
Pooper scooper, I find the shovel/rake set works best

Farm Store or Pet Store
high quality puppy food such as Taste of the Wild
NuVet Plus, vitamin supplement, nuvet.com (800) 474-7044 #20020
West Paw - Best toys ever, soft yet extremely durable, made in USA
*stuffed animal toys (kong bear with rope inside is amazing)
*squeaky toys
food dispensing toys are great
*tennis ball for early retrieval training, choking hazard, get rid of it when puppy gets a little bigger,
giant size tennis ball for playing with later
“stink free” neutralizes urine on the floor, carpets, and furniture
kwik stop, styptic powder - in case you get the nail too short

dog bed
Potty Training Pads


Supplies for Your New Puppy
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